An important addition for any client, friend, relative or family member ‑ or yourself ‑ whom you know or even suspect may have the entrepreneurial itch.

What a challenge ‑ and satisfying to me ‑ to capture so many essential pieces of advice I have meted out to my small business entrepreneur clients over the span of my 50 year service as a business attorney and counselor.

Yes, I wrote it down, organized it and now it is a published book. Its title ‑ START YOUR BUSINESS . . . BUT DO IT RIGHT.

Bill Gates won't read it. Warren Buffet won't read it. The dean of Harvard's Business School likely won't read it.

But the dreamers ‑ the many who wonder if it would be possible to be in business for themselves and really make a go of it ‑ they should read it.

It's not a handbook, it's a guidebook ‑ designed to empower the dreamers, those who start down that elusive road of having their own successful business, to enhance their potential for growth, profits and personal security.

The focus of this practice is business law.
The hallmark of this practice is client service.

Persons dreaming about, starting or expanding any business ought to be counseled by an experienced business attorney

Throughout my career I have served the BUSINESS LAW needs of private businesses and their owners on Cape Cod and throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island with service that is experienced, timely, responsive and efficient.

Here are comments from some clients —

“Thank you for your excellent services in helping making this a successful venture.”
-Country Club Purchaser, 2011

“Gordon really goes the extra mile for clients.”
Appreciative client of less than one year.

“Gordon knows the answer before I even think of the question!”
– 12+ year client

 “Gordon’s attention to detail and accessability is second to none.  I have worked with many attorneys and have yet to find one that comes close to providing his level of service.  And he takes a personal pride in the success of your business.”
-Owner who purchased and financed a retail Cape Cod business

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